PACKOPLAST was founded in 1969

by Pantelis Voudris, beginning its course in the production of plastic packaging.

Pantelis Voudris, a refugee from Constantinople, fled the city with his family and little money, and arrived in Athens in 1964. Initially, he engaged in the import of raw materials for confectioneries. While doing business in the confectionery market, he identified the gap in the packaging market at the time. Armed with a pioneer vision and keen spirit, he took note of the needs of his times and set out on an innovative venture.

He is the first to introduce the German illig therfmoformer machines, crafting a new way of know-how and design for all subsequent plastic manufacturers in Greece.

In a two-storey building on Agion Anargyron Street in Psyrri area, which hosted PACKOPLAST first, the illig thermoforming machines operate and the new technology for Greek plastics is now a reality.

Development is rapid and the company's clientele keeps growing

and establishing long-lasting collaborations with some of the giants in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics chains of 1970s Greece. Some of the customers who have trusted PACKOPLAST’s products from its very first years include E.J. Papadopoulos SA, Union Carbide Corporation, REX, Georgantas, Mabisco, Rainbow, Athinaiki Sokolatopoiia and others. As years went by, the company's needs increased, leading to the relocation of the company's facilities to Tavros in 1976. The new facilities are located in a building of 400 sqare metres in an industrial plot of 0.5 acres, at number 32 Irini Avenue. The choice for the new company offices location, made by its founder, was naturally no coincidence, since the distribution centres of transport companies were located there.


By 1985, the facilities were privately owned


In 2000, the family’s third generation takes over the company, with Andreas Papadakos, the grandson of Pantelis Boudris, as CEO.

With a BSc in Business Administration at Deree, the American College of Greece, and having apprenticed from his early years on his grandfather's side, he set off to a dynamic start with the investment in a state-of-the-art 3 station thermoforming machine, aiming to give the company a new, competitive edge.

The administration is still in the hands of Andreas Papadakos; he and his associates are willing to serve the visions and needs of any business that operates within PACKOPLAST’s sectors of activity.

PACKOPLAST, having 50 years of experience and excellence in the field, looks forward to the future, monitors global developments in the field of plastic and continues to gain ground by adapting its services, continuing to be synonymous with quality, leadership and service..

50 years of experience

The company's permanent and imperative goal is the successful supply of competitive quality plastic products to all its old and new customers in Greece and abroad, just as the founder's vision.